Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Muppets Road Trip Game

With Thanksgiving being next week (Ahhhh!!!!) and a lot of us traveling with kids, I thought this would be perfect to post!!

Are we there yet? How ‘bout now? Now? How about now?

Those questions can only mean one thing: road trip! (With children.) And Kermit knows road trips! In the upcoming film Disney’s “The Muppets,” Kermit joins Walter (Walter), Gary (Jason Segel), Mary (Amy Adams) and—eventually—the whole Muppet gang in the car for a trip of their own, as they endeavor to save Muppet Studios from evil oilman Tex Richman. So don’t despair. The Muppets can help keep kids busy and happy with…


See if you can spot:
• 5 Kermit green cars

• 1 Person who looks like a relative of Gonzo’s

• 3 People who look like they just stepped off the Electric Mayhem Band bus

• 4 of Miss Piggy’s biggest fans. How can you tell? Easy, they could be

a) Singing to themselves
b) Fixing their hair in the mirror
c) Blowing kisses to you through the window
d) Blowing kisses to themselves in the mirror

• 2 Bumper stickers that are so funny, Fozzie Bear would add them to his act

• 4 People wearing suits they stole from Statler and Waldorf

• 3 Cars that are so patriotic, Sam the Eagle just might be driving them


• Sing the chorus of “Mahna Mahna” or “Rainbow Connection” at a red light or while driving through a tunnel

• Find a license plate from Smalltown, USA (or at least one that is red, white and blue)

• Find the letters of Disney’s “The Muppets” in license plates

Monday, May 16, 2011

Twizzlers Landmark Summer Promotion

What’s your favorite family road trip destination?

Twizzlers® Candy, the perfect on-the-go treat, is helping to sweeten family travel this summer with the Twizzlers Landmark Summer™ promotion. The promotion gives consumers the chance to win a trip to a well-known United States destination plus daily, road trip-themed prizes throughout the summer.

Ben and I two years ago, made the long drive from Massachusetts, to Miami Florida, with two kids, and my Sister and her friend.

Of course there were ups and downs (with two small children) but getting to explore all the fun new places, and getting to say "I just drove over 2000 miles" was awesome!!!

We got to see South Of The Border (a very fun little "town," Savannah GA, and even Disney World (lol!!))

We want to do another long drive like that. We are thinking we might try California at some point.

We just have to figure out how to take over a month off from work!!!According to family travel expert Emily Kaufman, “The Travel Mom,” families are starting to think past the backyard “staycation” and are rediscovering the freedom of the open road. Kaufman shares the following tips for a fun and safe family road trip:

■Create a boredom bag. Convert a hanging travel cosmetic case into a case full of fun and hang it from the seat back in front of the kids’ seats. Consider creating fun works of art with Twizzlers
Pull ‘n’ Peel Candy before snacking on them!
■Take your trip “online.” From GPS systems to phone applications, trips are no longer a navigation nightmare.
■Think through the snacks you pack. Avoid packing snacks that are easy to spill like juice boxes or snacks that melt. Try plastic bottles with sports tops and bring along Twizzlers Candy or Twizzlers Nibs Candy – they are easy to share and don’t melt, making them the perfect car ride treat.

ENTER DAILY for a chance to win a GPS Unit, a digital camera, National Parks Guidebooks or the Grand Prize a vacation to your favorite American Landmark!

Daily entry runs from 5/15/11 - 9/4/11!

Disclosure: I wrote this post in order to enter a contest to win a prize pack from Twizzlers and Mom Blogger's Club. All thoughts are my own