Saturday, October 14, 2017

Pumpkin Picking At Devon Point Farms Is A Treat For All!! #Pumpkins #NewEngland

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About Devon Point Farm-

Devon Point Farm in Woodstock Connecticut specializes in Grassfed Beef, Vegetable & Flower CSA Farm Shares, and Farm Camp and now APPLE CIDER and pick-your-own pumpkins in the Fall! The farm specializes in sustainable food production through holistic management techniques and serves as a training and proving grounds for new farmers, agricultural entrepreneurs and future policy makers with it's apprentice program.

Erick and Patty Taylor are the owners of one of America’s most quintessential farms, Devon Point Farm. The Taylors bring a unique combination of skills to farming that have resulted in the construction of 3 different farms, as the demand for their farm products grew. Starting with a small farm in Rhode Island first, then growing to a larger farm in Vermont, and then returning "home' to Connecticut to their current and best farm yet.

A New England tradition in the fall is to pick apples, pick pumpkins, and drink tons of apple cider!!! Every year we spend at least one weekend doing those activities and we have a blast!!

This year we visited Devon Point Farm in Woodstock, CT to get our pumpkins!! 

Driving up the long driveway, we got to see some pretty gorgeous things.  The Taylor's house for one is spectacular, and then you see the flowers!!

After you are amazed by the sheer beauty of the flowers (which are available for picking and for special events like weddings,) then you see the pumpkins and the barn!!

Inside are a ton of fun goodies!!  You get to see the actual press that they use to make their raw apple cider.  A press that Mr. Taylor re-built himself.  The cider is absolutely delicious.  I also highly recommend their mini cider donuts.  I would have taken a picture of those, but they barely made it out of the driveway before they were all eaten!!

After we enjoyed our tour inside the barn, we went outside to get our pumpkins.  You can either grab a pumpkin that is already picked and near the barn, or you can head out and get your own.  We did both!!

On our way out, Mrs. Taylor let us know about a surprise gem on the property that you just have to see.  They took a hollowed out tree, and turned it into a Winnie the Pooh house!!  We had a lot of fun playing in it!!

Over all we had a great time at Devon Point Farm, and we will be heading back!!  

You can learn more about Devon Point Farm's by checking out their website, and Facebook page!! 

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