Thursday, May 12, 2016

Rhode Island Is A Perfect Place For Summer Fun!! #RISpringBreak

**All opinions expressed are 100% my own.  I was not compensated for this post.  My family and I were invited to visit the places in this post for review purposes.**

Recently we were given the opportunity to explore some fun activities in Rhode Island for kids.  We had a terrific time, and can't wait to go back!! 

Our first stop was a marine education facility called Biomes.  This is the most hands on aquarium in New England.  My boys were very excited when they saw all the areas for touching the fish and marine life!!  

Our first fun learning activity was hearing from the owner Mark Hall.  He let us know that the fish are found locally in Narragansett Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.  He also showed us a fun demonstration with a puffer fish.  He grabbed the fish in the water a certain way, which made it puff up.  Then he took the fish out, and basically tickled it.  All of a sudden the fish spit out all the water it used to puff up!!  It was really cool to see.

After the puffer fish demonstration, we got to explore.  There were a lot of cool fish, lobsters, turtles, and even frogs to check out.

The boys were able to touch turtles, and stingrays.  They loved it!!

All and all we had a great time at Biomes, and the boys are very excited to head back during summer vacation!!

We continued our fun filled day at the Roger Williams Zoo.  This was the first time visiting for all of us.  

Our first reaction when we walked in was "we've been here!"  The zoo is set up very much like a very fun place we visit in Florida in a certain Animal park.  We felt completely at home!!

There were quite a few animals to visit, and they were all pretty close.  You could see them!!  A lot of places advertise the animals, but they are always in hiding.

There were also two extra activities that were seasonal going on.  We could ride a camel, and/or check out their Birds From Down Under event.  We walked up to the camel and said hi, and then went to see the Birds.  I knew the kids would love seeing all the birds close up, and we got to feed them too!!

We had a lot of fun exploring the zoo, and we can't wait to go back!!  Being from New England, we were very happy to see that the zoo even had our favorite coffee place to help keep us going!!

After the zoo, we got to do another first.  We went to a live baseball game and saw the Pawtucket Redsox play the Lehigh Valley IronPigs!!  But first, we got to eat!!  Our tickets included an all you could eat buffet and the food was DELICIOUS!!!

I had to pry the kids away from the food so we could go watch the game!!  It was cool that while we ate the IronPigs warmed up, so we got to see the players up close!!

Now mind you, none of us are really into sports.  We don't play them really, and we don't usually watch them.  I watch the Superbowl, but just for the commercials!!  So I wasn't sure how well the kids would sit still during the game.  I was very happy that not only did they enjoy it a lot, but I did too!!  Besides the fun of watching the live baseball game and dodging foul balls (we were behind 1st base,) we also joined in on the fun extra trivia and games to keep the baseball games downtime to a minimum.  It was a lot of fun, and even better, the Pawsox won!!

We had an excellent day visiting these fun places in Rhode Island, and we can't wait to explore more of the state this summer!!

Thank you very much to the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation and Havas PR for introducing us to these fun places and putting up with us for the day!!

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