Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What Do You Think Of My Red Carpet Dress? #TheAvengersEvent

Can I tell you a true fact about myself?? I HATE having my picture taken!!! In case you haven't noticed on here, it is extremely rare that I ever post a picture of myself. I love to take photos, but I do not want to be in them.

If you look through all of my past vacations with my family, I am always the one taking the photo!!  I think I get it from my Father.  He never ever had his picture taken when we were kids.  On the rare occasion that you did get to snap a shot, his face was always covered!!!

Who would do that??

So besides that fact that I need to loose about 1000 lbs, what do you think of the dress?

I always feel better in black formal wear.  It is supposed to be slimming!!!  I also love long dresses.  I hate, hate, hate my legs!!!  Yes, I know I complain A LOT!!!

We were told that we didn't have to dress extremely formal, but this is a red carpet event!!  How many times in your life can you walk the red carpet with boat loads of celebrities??  I also do not get to dress up much.  I work from home in flannel pants and t-shirts!!!

Now my biggest problem right now is shoes.  I am not a normal women with 300+ pairs of shoes.  I have always had four pairs.  Sneakers, Flip Flops, Simple Black Dress Shoes, and Slippers!!!  My Husband owns more shoes then me!!!

Originally I thought that we would interview the celebrities (Tom Hiddleston and Cobie Smulders) and have a break to change into our formal wear.  A couple days ago, we found out that we will be wearing our formal wear to the interviews, because the premiere is right after.  So that changes things a little as far as shoes go.  I want to wear something cute, but also comfortable since I will be in them longer then I thought I would be!!

Here are my three choices for shoes.  Which ones do you think will be the best for the event.  Note pair #1 will probably hurt my feet after awhile.  Pair #2 will hurt in between my toes at some point.  Pair #3 will be the most comfortable, but are they red carpet material??

Pair #1-

Pair #2-

Pair #3-

Which pair should I wear??  Please help!!

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